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JRX is a commercial-stage specialty biotechnology company. We are also a contract R&D laboratory focused on topical products. We combine our patented technology with formulation expertise to address large, unmet market needs.

We are different — JRX is differentiated by the use of our DermX® Megasphere® Delivery System Platform – a passive, patented and topical dermal / transdermal delivery system technology.

We are validated — the DermX® technology has been in-licensed and commercialized by mass, prestige, physician-dispensed, celebrity and online brands as well as North America’s largest pharmacy supplier and a billion-dollar dermatology company.

Please contact us for more information: info@jrxbiotech.com


JRX is made up of a collection of entrepreneurs, industry executives and advisors. The founding team has a track record of starting, financing and building companies based on bringing innovative technologies to market. Our industry executives and advisors have overseen either the world wide executive functions (as CEO) or the research and development duties (as CSO/Vice President of R&D) of billion dollar, global skincare, cosmetic and topical analgesic (pain relief) companies. We also have a team of well-known advisors with significant experience in passive skin penetration science.


The DermX® Megasphere® Delivery System Platform is a passive, liquid solution that enhances the penetration of active materials into and through the skin.

The DermX® technology is differentiated by the following:


  • Size – delivering small and large molecules (“macro-molecules”) up to 460,000 Daltons in size.
  • Payload – delivering large volumes of actives into the skin.
  • Depth – delivering compounds deep into the dermis (the third layer of skin) and systemic circulation.
  • Speed – delivering active ingredients into and through the skin within minutes, not hours.
  • Booster – enhancing the penetration performance of existing delivery systems (like phospholipids).
  • Solubilizer – solubilizing just about any oil, water or alcohol-soluble molecule; thus creating true solutions vs. simple suspensions.
  • Concentration – stabilizing large volumes (a “high load factor”) of actives in a finished formulation.
  • China Approved – all DermX® system materials are globally approved as cosmetic ingredients, including China.
  • Simplicity – the DermX® system materials are formulated into a topical product by simply homogenizing (mixing) the ingredients.
  • Versatility – the DermX® system can be incorporated into almost any form factor: spray, serum, lotion, cream, and even anhydrous systems.
  • Scalable – the DermX® system has been scaled commercially without any high-temperature or high-shearing instability issues.
  • Patented – protected by a global portfolio of patents issued in the U.S. and internationally, including pending applications.


The DermX® technology is easily formulated into almost any topical product: a spray, serum, lotion or cream.

The DermX® technology has the following advantages:


  • Enhanced EfficacyDouble the performance.

Topical skincare with DermX® technology has been independently, clinically proven to double the anti-wrinkle / fine line effect vs. peer products (p<0.05).

  • Accelerated ResultsResults in 15 minutes, 1 day or 1 week.

Topical skincare with DermX® technology has been independently, clinically proven to achieve results in (p<0.05):

  • 15 minutes: hydration.
  • 1 day: fine lines, roughness, radiance.
  • 1 week: results along 11 clinically measured dimensions.
  • Increased BioavailabilityOTC > Rx.

Topical cosmetic products with DermX® technology have been independently, clinically proven to perform more effectively than industry standard prescription (Rx) products (p<0.05).

  • Safe to UseZero skin irritation.

Topical products with DermX® technology have yet to fail a 6-week, 50-person+ Human Repeat Insult (skin irritation) Patch Test (RIPT), as well as the Eytex in-vitro assay (eye irritation) test.

  • Cost-EffectiveLess per kilo than cosmetic active ingredients.

The price of the DermX® technology is low enough to allow finished formulas to effectively sell through mass retail distribution channels with tight margins and low price points.


The DermX® technology has been commercialized and selling into the topical market since 2003. Finished formulations that utilize the technology have achieved the following:

  • Consumer Acceptance – collectively, over 100 million units sold into the consumer skincare marketplace, and
  • Prescription Commercialization – thousands of topical products sold into the prescription (Rx) pharmacy market.


Contract topical formulation work, partnerships, collaborations and co-development agreements are at the heart of what we do.

If you are interested in:

  • Technology – licensing our technology, or
  • Products – accessing finished formulations that incorporate our technology, or
  • Performance – need penetration technology that delivers “Big Payloads > Big Molecules > Now”, then

Please contact us here.

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